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EventMasterBook.com - The international educational website for event managers provides courses, books, news and tips on professional event management, with a focus on business events.


The EVENT MASTER BOOK, the EVENT MASTER COURSE, the corresponding (free or paid) online seminars and the free magazine offer up-to-date knowledge for planning and organizing events in a business context, e.g. customer events, employee events, business meetings, conferences, PR events, product presentations, supporting programs for trade fairs, incentive events, company anniversaries, and much more (incl. on-site events, hybrid events, digital events).

About AdCoach

AdCoach® (www.adcoach.de) is a well-known German consulting and training company based in the centre of Cologne. We are specialized in management, marketing, advertising and sales topics. The Consulting Unit was founded in 2001, the AdCoach Academy is a business unit of AdCoach. Today, the list of clients is quite considerable, ranging from global B2B / B2C companies to international agency networks. A large number of Germany's top 100 companies as well as numerous global players have placed their trust in our Marketing and Live Marketing expertise since 2001.



Especially on the topic of the management of professional business events, the AdCoach Academy (adcoach.de) has been organizing continuously updated seminars and workshops for almost 20 years, among others for the central business development agency of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (the largest federal state in Germany), various chambers of industry and commerce (e.g. IHK Duesseldorf, IHK Cologne, etc.), as well as for numerous companies, associations and public institutions.


For years, the AdCoach founders have been considered creative thought leaders for the marketing and event business who have already shared their knowledge and AdCoach's proprietary tools in numerous seminars, workshops and coaching sessions. The eventmasterbook.com platform will now make this knowledge available to an even wider audience. Users can look forward to ever new publications, constantly updated online-courses as well as current planning tools for professional Event Management.

Business units

AdCoach is divided into 3 business units:


AdCoach Consulting is specialized in the systematic analysis of markets and the development of suitable marketing strategies that help global and local companies to increase their overall marketing performance and efficiency.


The AdCoach Academy offers keynote lectures, seminars, in-house training and e-learning concepts that are linked to current topics on marketing, live marketing, advertising and sales. Our training programs are aimed at marketing specialists in global companies and international agency networks, as well as independent entrepreneurs who want to update and/or complement their marketing skills.


AdCoach Publishing focuses on the publication of marketing-specific media, such as the digital marketing magazine marketingscout.com, which regularly reports on news and trends in marketing.

International Marketing Academy

Our current international training program for marketing and event professionals includes live webinars and online courses on the following topics:


  • Event Master Course – Our new 24/7 digital masterclass on modern event management & live marketing.
  • 360° Campaign Planning & Campaign Management – How to design and manage multi-channel marketing campaigns.
  • Project Management for Marketing Teams – A comprehensive training on how to manage marketing projects successfully.
  • Project Management for Agencies – A complete training on the best practices in managing clients, teams and projects.


Further information: If you would like to get more information, please send us an email with your business contact details: info.academy@adcoach.de

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