Event Master Book – The Book

Event Master Book - International edition (English)

The "Event Master Book" is a MUST HAVE for all event managers who want to organize professional business and corporate events more systematically. 40 detailed event management checklists and templates make it easy to plan and manage in-person, hybrid and digital events at a best-practice level.


The reader's attention is drawn to all relevant details – from the first Event Blueprint to the final KPI reporting. The book also provides many useful tips on current event trends and innovative event formats. (Discover the topics)

Benefits of the book

Organize your events more easily and with creative new ideas.

The Event Master Book is a new working aid for professional event managers around the globe. It supports the planning and organizing of professional business events. The book contains 40 practical, detailed and commented checklists that draw the reader's attention to all relevant details – from the initial "Event Blueprint" to the final "KPI Reporting". In addition, numerous tips are included to manage the "switch" to Digital Events. The practical college book design (high quality wire-bound softcover) also makes the book easy to work with.


"Event Master Book" – The Book

International Edition 2021 (in English language) ISBN: 9783943369045 168 pages, DIN A4 College book design, wire-bound softcover 40 practical, detailed and commented checklists Discover the topics

How to get the Event Master Book?

Printed Book

Only corporate clients can order the printed book directly from us (AdCoach®). Price: 99 EUR* (*netto price; VAT and shipping costs depend on delivery location).


Please request availability and conditions by e-mail. (Note: Only business requests will be processed. Please send your request from your business email account.)

Digital Checklists Collection

Private persons and corporate clients can have all the checklists from the book as part of the Event Master Course.


During the Event Master Course, the checklists are provided as single PDF documents. You will get all the checklists from the book plus bonus checklists on "Green Events" and "International Events".

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