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Planning and organizing professional corporate/business events is a challenging area of work. Not only the worldwide Corona pandemic, but also new social trends and technological innovations have changed the rules of success. Digital event concepts, hybrid event formats and green events are becoming increasingly important, in-person events are celebrating a comeback in a new look and feel.


The eventmasterbook.com platform offers immediate support for you and your team. For example, a comprehensive checklist collection in the format of a practical workbook as well as a didactically sophisticated event management online course with its perfect mix of fresh knowledge, useful tools and hands-on project work. And if that doesn't suit you (yet), you'll find new tips and inspiration on current event management trend topics in our free event magazine.

The Event Master Book

Inspire your work with better checklists.

"In a free flow text format this event management book would have more than 1200 pages."


This workbook is a very useful compilation of the Top 40 checklists and templates for modern event management. It is completely hands-on and avoids theoretical complexity. You can get started right away to perfectly organize your corporate/business events such as customer and employee events, product shows, conferences, entertaining presentations, networking events and PR events, incl. live events, hybrid and digital events. ... Learn more

The Event Master Course

This self-study online course is perfect for event managers in companies and institutions who want to refresh their knowledge, learn new tools, and (simultaneously) work on their own event project. 8 key topics, 14 video tutorials and 42 detailed event checklists and templates provide immediate support, motivation and inspiration. The ideal online training for individuals and teams who want to bring their work in line with current best practice standards. ... Learn more

The Event Magazine

Get new inspirations, browse the latest articles, tips and news from the international Event Marketing Business.

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