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8 lessons provide you immediately with practical, up-to-date knowledge to organize business events perfectly. 3 months unlimited access.

42 useful checklists and templates cover all relevant event management topics. They will help you even after you have completed the course.

14 video tutorials guide you step-by-step through all the relevant Event Management TO DOs. Work directly on your own event projects.

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For this self-paced event management online training, the Event Master Certificate is available as printable PDF and Badge/JPG (with verification code / in English language).


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It couldn't be more convenient! This Event Management online course is the ideal choice if you want to plan and organize your business events perfectly. You can start right now. The self-paced online seminar guides you through all the important topics of modern event management, including current event trends and innovative event formats such as hybrid events, virtual events, green events, etc.

Course Details

  • Organizer:
    AdCoach® Academy (adcoach.de) | more
    Since 2001, the AdCoach Academy (adcoach.de) is known for professional seminars and training in international marketing and live marketing. Our client list includes numerous well-known international companies, market leaders, advertising agencies and top 100 brands worldwide.
  • Course description:
    The international edition of the EVENT MASTER COURSE by AdCoach® Academy provides comprehensive knowledge on all relevant topics of modern event management, with a focus on business events. You can attend the course conveniently at home or in the office via 90 days of unlimited access to the course platform.
  • Target group (attendees):
    The online course is designed for event professionals around the globe who are looking for perfection in detail when planning business-related onsite, hybrid or digital events. It is useful for event / marketing / PR managers in corporations, associations, public institutions or live marketing agencies.
  • Contents:
    • Lesson 1 | Getting started: The Event Blueprint – Defining the project.
    • Lesson 2 | Event conception: Ingredients of a good event concept. How to find creative ideas for all event components.
    • Lesson 3 | Event Financing: Costing, financing (sponsorship, etc.).
    • Lesson 4 | Project Management: Project planning, team & task management.
    • Lesson 5 | Planning & organizing the details, related to location/venue, program/agenda, catering, guest management, "feel good" factors, safety & security, legal aspects, logistics, green events/sustainability, international (multicultural) events, etc.
    • Lesson 6 | Event Marketing: Event invitations, PR, social media, influencer relations, event ads/campaigns, content marketing on the content hubs (e.g. event website, blog, newsletter, etc.).
    • Lesson 7 | Event Direction (on site): Director's schedule, (final) readiness check, risk management, back office, etc.
    • Lesson 8 | After the event: KPI reporting, debriefing, follow-up.
    • Special "Switch to Digital": All of the above lessons include detailed tips on event digitization (Hybrid and Digital Events).
  • Methodology (Didactics):
    This modern online seminar (for self-study / in English) covers the 8 key topics of professional event management. Using 14 (on-demand) video tutorials and 42 detailed checklists (PDF download), all relevant details for planning and organizing successful business events are addressed. To complete the course (8 lessons incl. exercises), you will need approx. 18.5 hours.
  • EVENT MASTER Certificate:
    We confirm participation in the course in the form of a certificate (printable PDF) and as a digital badge (JPG). Our online validator (eventmasterbook.com/va/) allows third parties to check the authenticity of your certificate in accordance with data protection regulations.
  • Requirements for participation:
    Participation requires the age of majority (min. 18 years). The course is useful for people with a professional activity in event management with a focus on corporate and business events, e.g. customer and employee events, trade fairs, product launch events, company anniversaries, sales conferences, trade conventions, etc.
  • Technical requirements:
    Internet access, modern browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox in a current version), headset / speakers for sound playback, PDF reader. Personal email address for course login. The course is optimized for notebooks and desktop PCs (login via smartphone is possible, but not optimal due to the small screen).
  • Rights of use (Copyrights):
    The course and all course materials are protected by copyright. The course access is person-related and applies exclusively to the registered user for his/her personal professional development.
  • Course version:
    International Edition 2021 (Vol. 1)
  • Language:
    The course language (incl. all course materials; incl. support / communication) is English.
  • Course fee (total):
    295 EUR incl. VAT* per participant (incl. 90 days unlimited access to the course, person-related, incl. personal certificate/badge). *For corporate customers outside Germany, the stated fee is excl. VAT (reverse charge).
  • Course description (PDF download):
    Event Master Course fact sheet PDF download

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FAQ regarding the Event Master Course (and other courses)

1. Who can attend the course/s?

The courses on eventmasterbook.com are primarily designed for marketing, PR, live marketing and event managers. In principle, however, anyone interested in event management can take part in the courses. No special skills are required to participate. The only requirement for course registration is a minimum age of 18 years. (The courses on eventmasterbook.com are conducted in English language only.)

2. What are the technical requirements?

For course participation, one needs a personal e-mail address that is only assigned to the respective course participant (e.g. firstname.lastname@example.com). Non-personalized e-mail addresses are only possible if they are used by a (single) course participant (e.g. info@example.com). Also required is an internet-enabled device with a current browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge or Firefox – other browsers as well as older versions of the mentioned browsers may lead to restrictions), headphones (or speakers), and a current pdf reader. The courses are optimized for desktop or tablet PCs, devices with small screens are less recommended, although use via smartphone is possible. In order to participate in a course, you must allow our cookies. These are functional cookies (no advertising or tracking cookies), which serve the function and security of the respective course. Whenever you log out, the cookies are automatically deleted. Note: JavaScript should be enabled (this is the default setting of each browser).

3. How can I sign up / register for a course?

a) Free courses: You can sign up for a free course by registering (once) for a free account (see the respective course page). Registering for a free account gives you access to all free products on eventmasterbook.com. (Please note: Paid courses require a separate registration. Email address may be the same.)

b) Paid (fee-based) Courses: Click on the shop button and follow the individual steps. You can conveniently register online and also pay online using various payment methods. After successful registration and payment, you will immediately receive a link to your (paid) course account with full access to all video tutorials and pdf downloads. You will receive the invoice (= your proof of payment) within 72 hours (mo-fr) by separate e-mail.

4. Payment via the shop / by credit card does not work for me. (How) Can I still register for a paid (fee-based) course?

If you would like to book beyond the automated procedure (i.e. not via the online shop), please request the registration form by e-mail. (We keep the right to exclude the possibility of registration in the non-automated procedure if processing is not possible in a timely manner, e.g. due to a high workload.)

5. Until when can I cancel my registration for a paid (fee-based) course?

Before bindingly booking a fee-based course, you should do the free technology check and check by means of the test materials (test video & pdf download) whether you can use all course materials without problems. After that, you can register bindingly. You can cancel the registration process at any time until the payment process has been completed. After successful completion of the payment process, your course account will be activated immediately with full access to all course materials. (Once the payment process has been completed, you can no longer cancel your registration free of charge. You will then be charged 100% of the course fee as a cancellation fee.)

6. How long do I have access to my course/s?

a) In case of free courses: Once your free account has been activated, you will have unlimited access to all free courses, e-books, (etc.) on eventmasterbook.com. You can use all the free products as long as they are provided by eventmasterbook.com. We reserve the right to change or discontinue our free products at any time.

b) For paid courses: As soon as the paid course is activated (this happens automatically after successful payment), you have access to the respective course for a total of three months (= 90 days). After the 3-month period, you will no longer have access to the course.

7. When will I receive my certificate of attendance?

All courses on eventmasterbook.com are self-study courses, with or without a certificate of attendance, depending on the individual course. In the case of a certificate course, you can request your certificate by clicking on the certificate link/button in your user account. Afterwards you will receive your certificate within 72h (mo-fr) sent to your e-mail. The certificate will be provided in English as a printable PDF and as a digital badge (.jpg). The authenticity of your certificate can be checked at any time with the certificate validator on eventmasterbook.com. This guarantees you protection against unauthorized use or imitation.

8. Can I share the course/s (or single contents from course/s) with friends or colleagues and/or may I publish it??

No, this is not allowed and does not comply with our Terms and Conditions (see GTC), which you must explicitly accept when registering. All contents, videos, checklists, images and texts are protected by copyright. Publication or reproduction of course contents of any kind - even in extracts - is not permitted. All the courses on eventmasterbook.com are intended solely for the personal development of the registered course participant. Please respect our copyrights at any time.

9. Can I use the course on several devices at the same time?

This is not possible at the same time – however, you can log into the course via your various end devices (e.g. desktop, tablet, etc.) at different times.

10. Can I use the course materials, checklists, videos, e-books, etc. for my own products, publications or education services (e.g. for books, seminars, workshops, online courses or eLearning platforms)?

No, this is strictly forbidden and would be an infringement of our copyrights. You may use the materials that are provided only for your own personal further education. In case of paid courses: Companies that would like to book a fee-based course for several employees can purchase a number of access codes at special conditions. This is issued exclusively by the AdCoach Academy (see AdCoach.de). You can find the contact details on the website: www.AdCoach.de

11. Who is the publisher / organizer of the (free and paid) courses, online seminars, tutorials, etc. on eventmasterbook.com?

In general, all online courses, e-books and other publications on eventmasterbook.com are published or organized by AdCoach (see About). The AdCoach Academy has more than 20 years of experience in the conception and implementation of qualified further education in the areas of marketing, advertising, live marketing, event management and sales. The company is located in Germany, in the beautiful city of Cologne (= where the heart of creativity beats :). All rights reserved by AdCoach (see Imprint).

If you have any questions about the offers on eventmasterbook.com, please contact us via e-mail: info@eventmasterbook.com