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Social Audio Event: Clubhouse hosts a 24-hour event to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Day

The social audio app Clubhouse is hosting its first-ever 24-hour event with expert talks from more than 16 countries. To celebrate the World Mental Health Awareness Day on October 10, Clubhouse aims to bring together creators from around the world to provide motivational and encouraging content the Clubhouse audience.

The social audio event will take place at the Mental Health Matters Club, a clubhouse room that allows people to listen to (or participate in) expert talks and conversations about mental fitness. In this space, the 24-hour event will run around the clock in the different languages.

The German session will start on Sunday at 1:30 p.m. with graduate psychologist Michael Thiel, whose main concern is to work out applicable solutions for people who are in life crises. Together with his wife Annika, he has his own podcast called "Psychologists at Breakfast".

Lan Anamur Göttinger, MD, also joins the audio event. She is the founder of the German podcast "gerngesund" and is convinced that each and every one has the potential to improve and maintain his/her mental health.

In addition, Dr. med. Sven Briken from the Psychiatric University Clinic of the Charité in the St. Hedwig Hospital Berlin, will join the social audio event. With "essential mind" he is building a network of therapeutically and creatively active people from different backgrounds, with whom he is exploring modern ways to improve mental health. 

As part of the 24-hour event, Clubhouse is also introducing two new features. One is the Clubhouse Links feature. A Clubhouse link is a fixed, personal link to a private space that Creators can share with their friends, family and community. When a person clicks on this link, they are directed to a private room. The room and link can be used multiple times. Secondly, there is a new app icon*: Mandiie Martinez – founder of the Chingona AF club. Chingona means something like "very strong women." Mandiie joined Clubhouse to develop her personality. She is a working professional and thus can only spend a few hours a week on Clubhouse – yet she has built a steadily growing and dedicated fan base.

*Please note: the Clubhouse app does not provide a static logo, but a changing motif. Instead of a classic logo (like Facebook’s f or Twitter’s twittering bird), the platform uses changing images of people who have a strong appeal or message.

Image: Screenshot of the Mental Health Matters Club on Clubhouse.

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