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Green Meetings in Germany Duesseldorf’s Reichstag dome is built for sustainable events

A new event location for green meetings and sustainable events is being built as an integral part of the new EUREF Campus in the city of Duesseldorf. The eye-catching building, modeled on the well-known landmark "Reichstag dome" in Berlin, is being marketed by Düsseldorf Convention.

The EUREF campus at the Düsseldorf airport station is intended as a special location and international showroom for the future of the energy and mobility industry. After Berlin, it is the second innovation campus of its kind in Germany. The two buildings – (1) the green innovation campus and (2) the mobility hub – are designed to create an ideal environment for new ideas on energy and/or mobility solutions, thanks to the open architecture, public spaces, an intelligent energy concept and state-of-the-art technology. At the campus, which is designed to meet Germany’s CO₂ climate protection targets for 2045 right from the start, well-established companies, start-ups, science and research will come together.

An event location modeled on the well-known "Reichstag dome" in Berlin will be embedded in the campus. For this purpose, a very special event location, which has become famous as the "Günther Jauch dome" and talk arena, is moving from the "Berlin Gasometer" to Düsseldorf. (A video of the dismantling of the dome is available on Youtube.) The dome can accommodate up to 600 people and will be available for exciting events from 2024.

Jens Ihsen, Director of Düsseldorf Convention, is delighted with the new project: "We are proud to be able to offer the EUREF Campus Düsseldorf, a unique future venue in the region, as an innovative event location. For organizers and participants alike, the focus of events is still on knowledge transfer and networking. The EUREF Campus will be a very special venue with great charisma, whose atmosphere cannot be compared with any other event venue in Germany."

More information about the EUREF Campus, including the new event location, is available at

Image: Screenshot of the EUREF Campus website

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