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October 5, 2021Author: eventmasterbook.com – Magazine (editorial team)

@EventAgencies Event Masters World Book – Call for papers

@Event Agencies worldwide: Get your free agency profile in the EVENT MASTERS WORLD BOOK 2022

The Event Masters World Book is a new agency guide and trend report for the international event business. The guide is aimed at companies and organizations that organize international events. In this free guide professional event agencies from all 7 continents can place themselves free of charge. The eBook is published by eventmasterbook.com – the new knowledge platform for professional event management and live marketing.

The Event Masters World Book introduces event agencies and live marketing specialists from all 7 continents to potential clients. It offers companies and organizations that want to plan and execute international events an overview of possible agency partners as well as an interesting survey on current event trends.

The book is published in an easy-to-read PDF format by the editors of eventmasterbook.com. The book is free of charge for both the readers and the agencies. No registration is required for the eBook download, which multiplies its reach.

The EVENT MASTERS WORLD BOOK – the first free international event agency guide with an integrated report on current event trends – presents a variety of professional event agencies (large, medium and small agencies) from all continents. Each agency is given a double page, with a short agency profile incl. a key visual and a weblink on the left-hand side, and an interview with the agency on current event trends and relevant agency topics on the right-hand side.

Who (which agengy type) can participate?
In principle, any professional event agency (small, medium, large agencies) can place itself in the new Event Masters World Book. The goal is to present at least 10 event agencies from each continent (maybe less from the Antarctic :-). However, the number of possible agency profiles that will be published in the Event Masters World Book 2022 is limited for the reason of limited capacity. The date of submission will determine the placement. All submissions will be editorially reviewed. The editorial team reserves the right not to publish agency entries that do not fit the editorial concept. The placement in the Event Masters World Book 2022 is completely free of charge. In case of publication you will receive a reference link. The book is scheduled for publication on January 15, 2022. It will be provided for free download on eventmasterbook.com and will be promoted via PR, digital ads and social media marketing.

Request participation documents:
The submission phase has begun. Until December 15, 2021, event agencies worldwide can request the submission documents (consisting of a short interview guide as well as instructions for designing the agency profile). Please send an email in English language with your agency contact information and the subject line "Call for papers – Event Masters World Book" to info@eventmasterbook.com . (Please refrain in the first step from attachments in the email; only text emails in English language can be processed).

Contact / email: info@eventmasterbook.com (subject: "Call for papers – Event Masters World Book")

EVENT MASTERS WORLD BOOK 2022 by eventmasterbook.com
EVENT MASTERS WORLD BOOK 2022 by eventmasterbook.com – Call for papers – Due date: December 15, 2021

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