Photo: Catering box by LPS Event Catering, Germany
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Event Catering How Catering Boxes boost Hybrid and Digital Events

The ongoing global Corona pandemic is accelerating the shift from face-to-face events to digital and hybrid event formats. Although the benefits of digital events are clear at hand, a common criticism is the lack of community experience and culinary delights. But there is a solution …

The German Event caterer LPS, for example, provides collective moments of culinary enjoyment with its new "Manufakturbox". This is a lunch or dinner box which is sent to the participants of a hybrid or purely digital event in time for the break. The LPS Manufakturbox contains everything the host needs to turn a virtual event into a real-life experience – from small snacks to multi-course menus for digital meetings, conferences and workshops.

The collective "unboxing" of such a lunch/dinner box by the participants can be a real highlight of any virtual business event, if it is properly moderated and celebrated. The moment of "opening the box" is a great opportunity for a new community experience.

The LPS Manufakturbox is available in several variations, either with refrigerated or non-refrigerated delivery. LPS Event Catering provides everything in full service – creating the catering idea, develop the design of the boxes, compile the products, ship the boxes in time. The CI/CD guidelines of the client are always part of the design process. Each box is an individually compiled premium box that can be shipped nationally and internationally from the LPS locations in Frankfurt/Main, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and Düsseldorf. The minimum order is 50 boxes.

If desired, LPS can also deliver virtual compontents for the supporting programme of a business event, such as a remote cocktail mixing course under the guidance of a bartender. The ingredients and the necessary utensils are delivered to the office or home office of the participants, also in a well-designed box. The ingredients of these boxes are a nice "reminder" because they can be used even after the event. Thus, each box is a perfect gift and a nice "reminder " for the virtual guests.

Event Catering for Digital Events: Catering box by LPS Event Catering, Germany
Catering ideas for Digital Events: Catering box by LPS Event Catering, Germany

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Photo (credits): Catering box by LPS Event Catering, Germany

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