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Self-test The 7 essential skills to be successful in Event Management

Do you have the 7 key qualifications for the Event Manager’s job?

An international career in the inspiring event industry is desired by many people. The job opportunities are numerous and range from a well-paid position in the marketing or PR team of a leading company, to working for government agencies, associations, in further education, in the trade fair sector, in the hotel industry, in tourism or as a Event Manager in a creative event agency.

But what skills does it take to become successful in event management? The team of experts at magazine has identified 7 key skills that you can use for a quick self-test. If you are skilled in all 7, you are well prepared. The skill you mark as "needs improvement" is the one you should work on:

1. General Management and Business skills
Since the event business is very much about team organization, time management, procurement, costing and negotiations, a business degree is very useful.

2. Conceptual skills
Every professional event is based on a well-considered event concept. Therefore, knowledge about all the relevant event components, fresh ideas and a good portion of creativity are required. Furthermore, you must have the ability to put the concept in a well structured format and to present it convincingly to third parties (clients, sponsors, etc.).

3. Organizational skills
This is not primarily about organizational talent, which comes naturally to you, but above all about profound, classical project management knowledge, such as the creation of workflows, project plans, team deployment plans, planning of logistics, etc.

4. Marketing skills
Successful events also require successful marketing strategies and campaigns. Public events in particular must be advertised in advance and/or promoted via PR and social media activities. A good training on current marketing strategies helps every event manager.

5. Leadership skills
As a professional event manager, you rarely work alone, but usually in a team, which can consist of internal employees and/or external service providers. In any case, it is important to be able to lead and motivate people. For example, you have to know how to delegate tasks, brief performers, clarify responsibilities, sensitize people to risks and correct behavior, and give motivating feedback.

6. Self Management skills
These skills are extremely important because things can get stressful during the preparation and execution of events. You have to know how to deal with stress, how to prepare yourself perfectly for all eventualities and how to motivate yourself again and again to deal with difficult situations in a constructive way.

7. (Ongoing) Curiosity
The best event managers are always the people who are open for new things and are interested in everything that moves the people: new trends, new topics, new technologies, etc. Ultimately, the success of each event lies in the "moments of surprise". Therefore, a successful event manager must be able to provide such "new moments of surprise" again and again.

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