Image / Graphic: 3deluxe Super-Yacht NFT
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Green Events This visionary Super-Yacht could become the perfect Green Venue

The exclusive Monaco Boat Show has a high appeal per se for wealthy yachting, design and technology fans. This year, the yacht show will feature not only super yachts, but also super visions of the future. Among them is a design study of a completely zero-emission super yacht that could become a perfect place for green meetings and green events.

Next Wednesday, there will be a very special attraction at the Monaco Yacht Show: the 3deluxe design studio will present a design study of the first emission-free super yacht. This will be sold as a digitally encrypted "Non-Fungible Token" (NFT) via the AR platform SuperWorld.

During the Monaco Boat Show, which will take place from September 22 to 25, 2021, the visionary yacht will be available for a virtual experience in the port of Monaco via the AR platform SuperWorld. In addition to the technological innovations and the ambitious exterior design, the visitors can discover the interior of the yacht: a floating biotope with hydrogen propulsion and the boat’s own vegetable garden.

The project is intended to set a completely new standard in exclusive shipbuilding. A place to relax, a place for workouts, online business meetings, celebrations with friends – all this is to be possible in the ambience of the floating biotope. According to 3deluxe, the water requirements for the plants will be provided by the ship-integrated seawater desalination plant. This will be completely emission-free via the photovoltaic system on the roof and the outer skin.

The developers anticipate that the ship will be used by the prospective owner as a training ship and made available for educational purposes during demurrage times. The aim is to remove the elitist aspect of the investment and use the yacht 1) as a communicative platform to discuss the complex challenges of our time, 2) as an innovative training ship for young people, students and innovative startups and 3) as an unconventional venue for summits, conferences and think tanks. In this way, the consumption of resources in manufacturing could be "ideally" compensated.

Further information about the project is available on the website

Image / Graphic: 3deluxe Super-Yacht NFT
Image / Graphic: 3deluxe Super-Yacht NFT

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